The most important features of a PC Extreme gaming system

People who play video games using their computers, you may experience bad graphics or delay times, if the components do not meet the requirements of the new games. An extreme gaming PC will be designed to handle the type of graphics and fast action of these games have. These units are listed the articles made and custom designed machines. The main features, players want to look for when buying this type of system include the following:

A fast processor

The speed of the processor determines the speed of the machine can load multiple programs. A ready-made system can have a 3.4 GHz processor designed with the new i7 technology. While other parts of a computer can be updated to better performance, the processor is not usually a standard part of the upgrade.

A 3D graphics card

Along with the speed of a hardcore gaming PC, the graphics card is the most important feature of the machine. The two most common brands include NVIDIA GeForce and ATI Radeon. These cards are issued periodically to keep up with the changing demands of video graphics. There are several informative websites that provide comprehensive listings of the various models and rate them on how well they perform.

A graphics card is not automatically included in a computer system. There are some that have been installed desktop chips instead of cards. Although a game may have the chipset listed as something that can run the game will not be as fast paced and graphically intense as what the cards can offer. The main reason for this difference is the amount of RAM chips have to pull the system to create the images. The cards come with their own amount of memory so this is not a problem for them.


While many people might think that a large hard drive is important, it is also important to have a lot of RAM. While graphics cards come with a certain amount of memory in use, the system will still use a percentage of the installed RAM to run the program. An extreme gaming PC as the player Titanium T19082 unit comes with 16 GB of RAM and 2 TB hard disk space.

A cooling fan

A PC designed specifically for games that come with a fan designed to cool the internal parts. Graphics cards and chips can become very hot when used for several hours. If not properly cooled, the game may freeze or the system can be shut down, which will make the machine useless until it cools.

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