You must build or buy a new data center?

For your business is expanding and growing at a rapid pace, and demand requires more space, power and cooling - what do you do? Building a new data center, or buy (lease, or outsource their IT needs to a different provider). Research firm Forrester surveyed IT professionals to analyze the economics of data centers and build classic versus buy dilemma that arises when it comes to the provision of additional capacity, the IT infrastructure and operations.

Leasing (placement)

What kind of advantages are associated with placement is not achieved by building a data center? Forrester reports that there are very few upfront costs, and the majority of operating expenses, not capital.

* The expenses more predictable cost model with steadily increasing over the life of data center
* Flexible - additional capacity can be expanded as needed, without losing the extra capacity needed or build outs
* More accessible space and power for power purchase from a supplier
* Experienced and certified professionals lend their expertise to guarantee high efficiency and high availability for managed servers.

Building a Data Center

What kind of advantages are associated with building their own facilities that can not be achieved when choosing placement? Especially the control:

* Complete control of an operating environment, including access, temperature, etc.
* Low risk of losing its lease
* Ability to leverage and share existing space

What kind of initial costs associated with building their own data center?

Detailed and practical costs of building their own facilities include a good amount of capital costs up front. But there are other costs often overlooked that will add up quickly:

* Initial planning, design and implementation - ranging from 20-25 percent of the total construction cost in advance.

* Base of shell construction and property - only applies if you are not from an existing building. According to the Forrester report, the estimated cost of building shell data center physical security plus $ 200 per square foot.

* Fire fighting and detection - ranging from $ 20 to 60.000 to purchase agents, equipment and installation of systems - including the first smoke detection systems, FM-200, inert gas mixtures, etc.

* Building permits and local taxes - while these costs vary from region to region, a moderate national estimate is $ 70 per square foot in building permits and taxes.

* Infrastructure - includes the purchase and installation of mechanical and electrical equipment, ranging from $ 7 to 20.000 per kW of load.

* Network connection fee - you will pay for the fiber in place, which could cost $ 10,000 per mile, which go by many other factors.

* Power - This expenditure represents 70-80 percent of total operating costs and also vary by region.

* Staffing - all day, control, on-site maintenance and optimization of equipment requires a dedicated operations staff and sensitive accounts such as the second largest expense after the ignition.

* Installation and annual maintenance of infrastructure - with a more unpredictable cost of a data center ranging from 3-5 percent of the cost of initial construction. Repairs and additions are expected around the third year of operation.

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